Architect: 5468796 Architecture

Landscape Architect: Atelier Anonymous

Client: Green Seed Development Corporation

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba



62M is a 41-unit residential development located at the edge of downtown Winnipeg and the

Red River. Compressed between a freeway and the backs of neighbouring properties, the site

was considered undesirable due to restricted views and a lack of street frontage. Lifted up

on 35’ high stilts, the project overcomes the limitations of its surroundings with an iconic

form and unprecedented sightlines.


The two storey, circular building is both spatially efficient and cost-effective. As a whole, the

360° plan provides the widest possible perimeter for glass with the smallest amount of

exterior envelope to construct. In addition, all 40 units have identical, pie-shaped layouts

that simplify assembly. Each 610 s.f. suite is arranged so that the entry and utility spaces

occupy the narrow end, closest to the circulation core. This configuration frees the

remaining square footage for a flexible, open living area that culminates in an expansive wall

of floor to ceiling glass.


At ground level, 20 supporting columns spaced between alternating pairs of parking stalls

form a ring just inside the building’s perimeter. The columns’ thinness is a clear

counterpoint to the band of housing, emphasizing the weight and mass of the building

floating above.


The landscape design is conceived as a sea of greenery surrounding the building, leaving an

open, cloister-like volume beneath the soffit. The garden is comprised of 62 Jack Pines set

within a bed of mixed pinecones. Rows of ferns will be planted between the pines, and a

series of pinecone-shaped planting beds will be found amidst the trees and around the

central elevator and lobby core.